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Your Everyday life is made simple.Ride, Shop, Pay, Send Parcels or become a Captain. Mobi is your one-stop - shop for your daily needs.

Pay for your Mobi rides, top-up your family or friends’ Mobi Pay wallet, and pay for your online shopping or monthly subscriptions and so much more with our Mobi Pay wallet. Learn more
Goodbye Cash.
Hello Mobi Pay.

  • Ride.
  • Shop.
  • Pay.
  • Send Parcels.
  • Become a Captain.


Ride Bookings

Top up your Mobi Pay wallet and skip the hassle of carrying cash or having to wait for change.
Request a ride to go anywhere you need to go with Mobi.

Online Subscriptions

Use our Virtual Card to pay for your favourite TV subscription site or make online purchases. You no longer need to worry about security of your ordinary bank card details while transacting online

Send Credit

Surprise your family and friends with credit to various payments on our App

Why use Mobi Pay?

One Wallet

Mobi Pay is the easiest way to pay for your rides, parcel delivery services, and for your monthly subscriptions.

Security you can trust

All your transactions on our Mobi Pay platform are secure per industry standards. Your personal information is not shared with anyone.

Track your Spending

When you use Mobi Pay across all our services, you can easily keep a track of your spending history through our transaction history tab.

Mobi Pay Rewards

Converting your Mobi Reward points to Mobi Pay credit happens in an instant with a quick tap.

Why you need to be a driver at Mobi?

Hello, Future driver.

Be your own Boss

Are you tired of an 8- 5 pm hassle? Then you are at the right place. Mobi gives you the freedom to choose your working hours.

Make your own Money

Mobi gives allows you to determine how much money you wish to make. The more rides you take, the more money you make. It is that simple!!!.

Mobi is a caring community

At Mobi, we value the welfare of the community we serve. Be rest assured that we will do our part to listen to you and provide solutions to issues that you raise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Mobi Pay works?

  • Go to Mobi Pay from the Menu, tap and select the mobile wallet
    A drop down with M-Pesa, Airtel money will be displayed for you to pick the mode of funding your wallet

    For Mpesa

    Specify the amount that you want to load and then click on load Mobi Pay wallet.
    An stk push message will be displayed on your phone requesting you to enter your M-Pesa pin.
    The message will also alert you on the amount that you will be sending and the intended recipient of the funds which is Mobishare Solutions.
    In case the stk push message notification fails to auto populate on your mobile screen, you can manually send money by going to Mpesa on your phone then select Paybill and enter the business account no xyz, enter account number as your phone number, enter amount and your pin

    For Airtel Money

    Go to Airtel Money on your Phone,
    Select make payments, then go to paybill,
    Enter Mobishare as the business name,
    Enter amount then enter your pin number to complete the transaction.

    An sms notification will be shared to notify you that you have loaded your wallet.

  • Go to Mobi Pay from the Menu,
    Click on Add a Card and Enter your card details manually.
    An activation code will be shared with your bank.
    Check with the bank, input the code to activate your card.
    Your Card is now ready for use.

  • Go to Mobi Pay from the Menu,
    Select top-up,
    Choose card,
    Specify the amount, select the card to proceed to top-up .

  • Go to Mobi Pay from the Menu,
    Choose to send credit
    Enter the amount
    Add the contact number or choose from your contacts
    Click send and you are done

  • Go to Mobi Pay from the Menu,
    Choose to Purchase Virtual Card or Top- up virtual card
    For Purchase Virtual cards first time users of virtual cards will be required to fill in Kyc details
    Subsequent users will be required to enter the amount and method of funding to be used either credit card/ debit card top-up, from mobipay wallet or mobile wallet top-up.
    Enter pin and a card with the card number, expiry date and cvv number shall be processed and displayed on the screen, the same shall be shared on email.

    For Virtual Card top

    Select Card-
    Enter amount
    Enter top-up method
    Enter pin and proceed to load the virtual card.

  • You can conveniently pay cash for the ride once you arrive at your destination.

  • Enter email to get started
    Verify your email address by clicking on the link shared on email
    Takes you to the login screen
    Enter your physical address – where you live
    Enter your postal address
    Enter your date of birth
    National id number
    Your phone number
    Successful registration – takes you to home page
    Click on my cards
    Then click on new card
    Enter the amount you want on the card
    Choose the top-up method
    We shall also display the forex rates and the cost of acquiring a new card
    Card Top-up cost shall also be displayed (Cost can be varied or fixed)
    Once amount details has been keyed in a pop-up screen will alert the user to confirm the transactions

    Sample message will be Hi Alfie, You have requested a New Mobi Pay Virtual Card to be created and loaded with Ksh.1000. You will pay us through 0710xxxxxx. If this okay click Yes, proceed No, make adjustments

    Depending on payment method different processes take place eg STK push for M-Pesa
    Client will receive a confirmation email once payment has been received and the card will be shared with client on email
    A confirmation sms shall also be shared with the client

    Loading of Virtual Card from Bank Account

    Account Name: Mobishare Solutions
    Account Number : xyz1234
    Currency KES:
    Bank: Equity Bank
    Swift Code:
    Reference number: use your mobile number

    Please note it may take up to 3 working days for the deposit to show in your account.

  • It pays to be a Mobi Driver, let us sign you up

    Let us start with your phone number, we shall text you a code to verify your phone number

    Mobile Phone Number

    Great, your phone number has been verified, now let us get to know your better
    your first name and last name
    Enter your email address
    Enter your password
    Confirm Password
    Choose your location
    Invite Code (Optional)

    By proceeding with the registration process, I agree to Mobi’s terms of service and I acknowledge that I have read Mobi’s privacy policy.

    Click on Next to proceed Already have an account? Sign in

    It is now time for paperwork

    Enter your national ID Number
    Attach a coloured copy of your national ID card both the front face and backsides clearly visible
    Enter your NTSA PSV badge Ref no (Details on your NTSA Taxi Driver Card)
    Enter the issue date and Expiry date of your NTSA PSV badge
    Upload your NTSA PSV badge front face. The document should be clearly visible
    Enter the issue date and expiry date of your driving license
    Upload your driving license
    Attach your Certificate of Good Conduct. Please note it should be no more than 6 months old
    Enter the registration number of the vehicle that you will be using to operate
    Book a document certification session (Ensure you carry your original National ID, driving license, NTSA PSV badge and Certificate of Good Conduct)
    Please attach your profile photo

    Congratulation, you have passed your certification process

    Get a Vehicle

    Ensure that your vehicle is in excellent physical and working condition and has all the paperwork necessary. Please note that we are onboarding vehicles whose vehicle model year is from the year 2012 and above. The paperwork needed to onboard a vehicle on our Mobi platform are as follows:
    • The vehicles logbook
    • PSV Insurance
    • Vehicle inspection report
    • Partner National ID
    • An agreement signed by the partner

    NB: Make sure to upload clear readable copies of the above documents

    Our Vehicle Categories are as follows:

    Mobi Mini

    In this category, we are onboarding sedans whose maximum engine capacity is 1300cc


    In this category, we are onboarding sedans whose engine capacity fall in between 1300cc to 1800cc

    Mobi Family

    In this category, we are onboarding 7-seater capacity vehicles with an engine capacity of not more than 2500cc

    Mobi Executive

    In this category, we are onboarding top of the range vehicles such as Mercedes, VX, limousine, and many more

    Once your vehicle passes our certification process, you can now go ahead and activate your profile to start working.